Photo of Tim & Andy Tolbert

Tim and Andy Tolbert

Central Florida is home to many great film projects and Strong Defenses has been honored to work with some of the best.  Tim and Andy Tolbert are both NRA Certified instructors and lifelong shooters. We know that your audience is made up of 2 types of people… those that don’t know guns and will be happy with whatever you do, and those that are gun enthusiasts that will pick apart every little error on screen. Our job is to make you look good to both of them!

Services we Provide:

  • Script Consulting:  Including feasibility and probability of different weapon scenarios, weapon types, and matching weapons to character personalities.
  • Post Consulting:  Sound effects, timing, etc.
  • Talent Training:  How to hold, draw, fire, reload in a realistic manner (can include a trip to a live-fire range so they know exactly how their assigned weapon will react in real life)
  • Prop Consulting:  Our contacts with gun stores and manufacturers allows us to source any type of weapon needed… from wild west single-action revolvers to rocket launchers to the latest AR-15 technology.  These can include props, Air-soft, blank firing guns, UTC training rounds, and actual guns for closeups as needed.
  • And most of all… SAFETY on set!

Call Andy at 407-448-4994 to discuss options to meet your needs.

Project links:

RUN Music Video, modern western theme (Click Here to view video)

Witness Protection Program (not released yet)

Hit Women, dramady detective story (not released yet)

Head Games, thriller (not released yet)

Behind the Scenes: