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30th Anniversary of the FBI Shootout in Miami… Lessons Learned

Today is the 30th anniversary of a shootout in Miami that left 2 FBI agents killed and several wounded.  The FBI has used this as a case study and learning opportunity.
When I first opened the link this morning, I’ll be honest that I almost hit the “X” in the corner to close it… 41 minutes? Really?  But I got sucked in and really found it fascinating.  They’ve not only provided a re-enactment, but then went on to break down what happened and then interviewed some of the survivors of the attack and what lessons they learned and what they feel they could have done differently.
If you’re serious about protecting yourself and your family, you owe it to yourself to invest 41 minutes into watching this video.  It’s a very powerful lesson that could help you if you are ever faced with a shooting situation.
I got 5 takeaways from this:
1) you’ll need more ammo than you think
2) take your training seriously “you play how you train”
3) be prepared for ANY eventuality
4) you (and the bad guy) can fight through being shot, even “non-survivable” shots
5) the will to live can save your life
Watch the video here and let me know in the comments what your takeaway is.

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