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Why do I Still Train?

Sometimes people ask me why I go to so many training courses.  I’m already an NRA Instructor in multiple disciplines and I’ve already been to tons of trainings… so why keep going?

Simple… if I ever find myself in a situation where I need to call on my training to save my life or that of the people around me… I want to be absolutely the most prepared that I can possibly be. (And yet you’ll often hear me say I train super-hard and hope to never need to use any of it!)  Every time I attend a class two things happen… the things I already know get ingrained a little deeper and I usually learn something new, whether it’s a new way to do something personally or a new way to explain and teach a concept to my students.

The day that you think you know everything there is to know is the day that you become more likely to be a victim.  Your ego will cause you to stop striving to improve, and if you’re not improving you’re actually deteriorating.

Today Tim & I attended a class with Paul Pawela with Assault Counter Tactics in Titusville.  Now I am one of Paul’s instructors on his Women’s programs, but today I was one of his students.  The class is called Realistic Self Defense and that’s exactly what it was.  We did many different scenarios that you might face in a real encounter, including using your flashlight in the dark (yeah for real, the lights were all turned off), hitting BOB the dummy in the throat then drawing and taking out his 2 friends, shooting from a kneeling/hands on your head hostage position as well as lying on your belly and even your back shooting over head!  (the alligator roll where you shot as you rolled on the ground was one of our class favorites!).

One thing that was amazing to see was the couple that had NEVER fired a gun before doing all of these drills right along with us.  With the proper training, instruction and leadership even beginners can take control of their own personal protection.

I’d like to invite you to join me at one of our next class adventures… whether I’m leading it or being a student right along side you… I’d be honored to shoot with you!

Here’s to straight shooting!


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